NCC Properties Expands its Property Management Services to the Kitikmeot Region

May 2021

NCC Properties management is excited to welcome Aaron Pedersen as Facilities Manager in the Kitikmeot Region.

Aaron grew up and resides in Cambridge Bay. After high school, Aaron attended heavy equipment school at the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario, where he attained tickets to operate various pieces of heavy machinery. Aaron then attended flight school at Okanagan Mountain Helicopters where he attained his commercial helicopter pilots license. Aaron has also served as a member of council for the Municipality of Cambridge Bay, where he was Chair of the Municipal Works Committee as well as Chair of the Lands Committee from 2017-2019.

Aaron was the Residence Manager for the Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) from 2017 up until he joined NCC Properties as the Facilities Manager in May 2021. As Residence Manager at NAC, he was responsible for managing 21 family housing units and 20 single student units, including the assignment of leasing agreements to students. Before his time with NAC, Aaron worked as a heavy equipment operator for 8 years.

As NCC Properties’ Facilities Manager in the Kitikmeot Region, Aaron is responsible for ensuring functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of facilities. Aaron also works with multiple vendors throughout the community to carry out various projects from renovations in homes to boiler system overhauls. Aaron also engages daily with tenants, ensuring that there is a clear line of communication, which is key in his position as Facilities Manager.

The addition of Aaron to NCC Properties’ team will be instrumental in NCC’s ongoing expansion into the Kitikmeot Region, which is part of NCC’s strategic plan that was approved by and continues to be supported by NCC’s Board of Directors. Aaron will be responsible for managing and maintaining Kitikmeot Region Properties Inc.’s (KRPI) assets throughout the region as part of NCC’s recently finalized property management services agreement with KRPI. Having its own “boots on the ground” in the Kitikmeot region helps NCC to achieve its board-approved strategic goal of increasing NCC’s presence in all three regions of Nunavut. Full-time, permanent presence in Kitikmeot also helps ensure that NCC is better aware of and closer to the opportunities available in the region. Consequently, this increased presence will likely create new and long-term opportunities for NCC. Among other things, it could promote expansion of NCC’s property management line and help to identify potential investment opportunities for new acquisitions.

NCC management is looking forward to working with Aaron as the company continues to expand in the Kitikmeot Region.